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Hi! I'm Danielle.I'm eight years old.And I know nothing about computers but yet I still was able to make a site.It's that easy!

Here's a picture of my race car which won two trophies at the AWANA Pinewood Derby, best in Speed and best in Design. My stepdad, Bill, helped me with it. He's a great engineer and a pretty cool guy! Plus, he gave me this space on his website where I could talk about myself.

My favorite colors are pink and purple. And if I could get any thing in the whole world I would pick friends and family over money.

I like Barbie. All of my friends say that its wierd to like Barbie but I don't care! They don't know much 'cause they're only kids and they don't have their own website like I do! So there! (I personally think Barbie is nice in her own way because you can change her fashions anyway you want.)

My best friends are Shannon K. and Alexandra. And my favorite teacher is Mrs. Rodano.

I will visit my father in Tennessee this summer and I'm looking forward to that. Hello, Amanda! Also, I say hi to Oma and Opa, Mimi, Keith & Kristy, and Babba and Pooh!

Check back here for more additions and changes. And feel free to check out the rest of this site.
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