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Star Wars™ EL Lightsaber Sound Module

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Star Wars™ Sound Module

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You asked for it, High-Tech Magic delivers with a sound module. This beauty sounds like it came off the movie set! This is a picture of our prototype sound module. It features the Star Wars™ sound, digitally captured on a chip. It also features the blade clash sound using a vibration sensor. On the left is the battery clip to connect to a 9 volt battery. On the right is the battery clip to connect to our EL Lightsaber. The sound module will control the blade action and will flash slightly when the blade clash sounds. After over a minute of no activity, it will turn itself off to conserve power. Is that cool or what?

The prototype has been tested and works well. We are working on a housing for the sound module to interface with our machined aluminum handle. The sound module will add about 3 inches of length to our handles.
We are accepting preorders right now. Email us for details so we can put you on the list. Order early to be the first with sound! Suggested price will be $75.

Plug it in, turn it on, and may the FORCE be with you!

We are looking for someone to work with to develop a housing for the sound module. If you are a machinist or have a friend that is, please email us and let us know. We will work with you on this.

We recorded our sound from our module in a wave file. Once you click on it, please be patient as it loads. The file is over 600K in size. You can hear the unit turning on, a few blade clash sounds, and then you hear the unit turning off. Since we used a microphone and the sound recorder to capture this wave file, it doesn't sound as good as in person.

Click on the button on the right to hear our sound file.

Click here to hear our Sound Module!

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May the Force be with you and have a magical day!

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