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Welcome to High-Tech Magic's Freebies Page!!!

For some great freebies and deals, check below. Then further down you'll see some great cyber card tricks. Can you figure out how they work, or is it REALLY magic?

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Here's another neat place to shop! This place has great bargains and a great selection of computer hardware and software.

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Here's a neat place to go to for some cute magical greeting cards! And the best part is, they're FREE!

Like Magic? Then this magic is OuttaSight! Check it out now.


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Finally, here are some simple magic tricks for you to enjoy:

MagicBill's Card Trick

MagicBill's Card Trick #2

MagicBill's Card Trick #3
MagicBill's Fun & Games
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If you have any suggestions for other tricks, please let us know.

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