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Energy Receiver Kit
left_img Folks, here is a circuit that can save you money! Just like the old crystal radios of yesteryear that required no batteries, this Free Energy Receiver can capture electricity from a long wire antenna. Hook up an antenna and a good earth ground (antenna and ground wires not included) and you might get enough free electricity to charge your cellphone or iPod or other small electronic device.

This device won't power an entire home or car, but it can give the user ideas on how to scale up and add more units to increase power. This kit includes a 2" x 2" square perf board, plans, and the parts needed to assemble the Free Energy Receiver Kit. User should have electronic kit building and soldering experience or find someone that does.

A bonus manual of free energy circuits is also included.
Price: $21.99 Special! Stock #: ERK-001