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left_img We believe that our 12 volt experimental Rhode's/Brown's gas generator is the most efficient and cost effective available to the modern alternative energy enthusiast. Obsolete designs that use stainless steel electrodes decay much faster than our state of the art high-density electrodes, which are chemically inert and as such will not decay as fast as stainless steel electrodes that are chemically reactive to electrolyte solutions. Best of all, our electrodes are porous which allows them to generate gas more effectively. Improved Mileage & Horse-Power Theory Our gas generator works through the process of the electrolysis of water into its primary elements Hydrogen and Oxygen. You end up with two parts molecular Hydrogen and one part molecular Oxygen (2H2:O2). Many people are introducing this gas into the air-intake of their vehicles and report increased horse-power and miles per gallon gains. The introduction of hydrogen and oxygen gas is said to have an immediate effect of increasing the octane rating of their fuel. The octane-rating of gasoline tells you how much the fuel can be compressed before it spontaneously ignites. Regular 87-octane gasoline at the pump ignites faster than the available higher octane fuels. It handles compression a lot less. This is because the fuel ignites before the piston is completely at the top of the cylinder, making it less efficient. Rhode's/Brown's gas causes regular 87-octane fuel to ignite more slowly, causing it to act more like a high octane fuel. A higher octane rating has the effect of increasing horse-power because combustion occurs much closer to the top of the cylinder where it is maximized into mechanical torque. Therefore, the transfer of energy during combustion becomes as efficient as it can get. The more efficient the engine runs the less fuel it will consume. Users of Rhode's/Brown's gas report an average 20% improvement in their fuel mileage. Higher gains have also been reported. Average reported savings might translate into about $10.00 for every time you fill up your fuel tank (at $3 per gallon cost). Now that gasoline is almost $4/gallon, you'll save even more! Our gas generator could pay for itself in a short amount of time, putting hundreds of dollars back into your pocket. We think our product is the best as far as gas production and price. We don't guarantee that you will end up with increased miles per gallon because every vehicle is different. Our claim for our product is that is a better Rhode's/Brown's gas generator because of its unique electrodes. What you get is a better design and more bang for your buck! Less Engine Wear & Reduced Air Pollution Rhode's/Brown's gas is said to reduce carbon build-up in your engine and has the potential of extending the life of your vehicle. Less carbon also means less polluting carbon emissions. Pat Goodman's Ford Fiesta passed a rigorous EPA nitrous test with only half the maximum legal emissions using injected water! See Mother Earth Issue #59. After all, when the Hydrogen and Oxygen is burned in your engine pure water is created! You can easily hook-up our Rhode's/Brown's generator to your vehicle. You are not required to modify or disable any existing components on your vehicle. Disabling your oxygen sensor to obtain results with a water electrolyzer is a myth. You don't have to disable a thing. Gas production from our economy model HYD-001 water electrolyzer is on average 3 gallons per hour... this is plenty of gas to see the expected MPG increases. Remember, this gas is extremely explosive. An engine will also pull a vacuum on the electrolyzer resulting in even more gas production that gets utilized. We provide easy to follow instructions. We can't tell you how much you will save on fuel because there are a wide range of vehicles that have different types of engines, transmission ratios and weight differences. Road conditions also vary and everyone drives differently. What you get is an outstanding Rhode's/Brown's generator to experiment with for yourself, like other people who have done who have reported successful results. Buy one today. If it works out for you buy one for every member of the family! You might even want to ask us to become a distributor for this product. To become a distributor all you need to do is to purchase a case consisting of six units at wholesale cost of $139.95 each (for 6). right_img
Price: $159.95 Special! Stock #: HYD-001