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    • Atom Yo-Yos
      Atom yo yos carries a wide variety of yo-yos, fingerboards, finger bikes, finger snowboards, and fun toys at low prices.



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        • Harrison's Magic Web
          This site has a 30 page manual not in stores! They have an on going vote at our 'Polls' section of who's the best magician and links to magic websites.
        • Raven Magic
          Raven Magic is a producer of high quality magical effects that truly astonish.
        • Hank Lee's Magic Factory
          Hank Lee's Magic Factory Magic props and supplies for all magicians.
        • Denny & Lee Magic Studio
          Where The Pros Shop! This man breathes as well as sells magic! If you're in the Baltimore area, come visit his shop.
        • Charlie's Electronic Magic Store
          Magic Books and Videos at a big internet web low-overhead discount. Blunt and honest reviews of new magic releases.
        • Lance Burton: Master Magician
          Lance Burton: Master Magician now brings his amazing magic tricks to you! Learn magic secrets behind Burton's popular magic tricks, join his Magic & Fan Club, buy exclusive magic tricks, and more!
        • The Magic of David Copperfield
          Welcome to the Magic of David Copperfield. You'll find quite a bit of material in here of one of the World's Greatest Magicians.
        • Magic by Brandon
          Very nice page by an Amateur Magician.
        • The Magic Library
          A Library of Magical Resources.Tricks and stuff!
        • A & L Magic Web Guide
          A & L Magic, Inc. manufactures and exports magic tricks. Also exports many "As Seen on TV" products. Has links, free email, chat and more for magicians.
        • Card Trick Palace
          A great place for kids to learn magic tricks.
        • The Magic of Reza
          Reza is 13 years old and has been doing magic for about 8 years now. Check out his site!
        • The Special F.X. Homepage
          Special F.X. are one of the U.K.'s leading comedy Illusion shows. Available for all types of functions, large or small.
        • J&L Magic Company
          J&L Magic Co supplies a variety of magic tricks retail or wholesale. They will find the magic trick you need. Creator of J&L Magic Club.
        • Bob Solari Magic Company
          For some real neat magic, here's a great place to shop. Order a tape and see a trick performed before you buy it!
        • Magic Dan's Home Page
          This site is dedicated to providing those interested in magic with a place to learn more about our wonderful art form. A really cute site.
        • Just Magic Virtual Magic Shop
          JUST MAGIC is the Internet's virtual magic shoppe that carries magic tricks, books, gags, videos and magic supplies.
        • Magic World Machine
          They are one of the country's leading producers of Coin Magic, Brass Items, and Aluminum Products. For the past 30 years they have dealt in quality magic for magicians around the world.
        • The Magic of Ken Edwards
          Ken's a magician from Lewiston, Maine. Ken works with live and stuffed animals like doves, rabbits, Turtle, LOBSTERS and much more.
        • The Trickery Magic Shop
          The Trickery Magic Shop...Fine Magical Apparatus for the Beginner to the Professional!
        • Cue-Master "Pro"
          Check out Jay's remote control music system.
        • Kevin's World of Magic
          A real cool site with some neat cybermagic on it to play with!
          Jeff McBride is one one the worlds foremost magicians.He combines magic with mime, dance, Kabuki theater and martial arts to produce a show dense with drama, mystery, and occult symbolism.
        • The Linking Page
          The original source for magic related news and information on the Internet. The Linking Page has grown to include information on magic performers, magic broadcasts and news related to the art of magic
        • The Future of Magic Ken & James
          At ages 8 and 11, Ken and James were selected as the, Best Young Magicians, by the Magicians Alliance of the Eastern States. Ken and James, performed on Nickelodeon's "Figure it Out".
        • Jack Julius Productions
          A unique style of performing that is fun for everyone. Stage, adult shows, birthday parties, conventions, corporate events. Check out the site for photos and lots of info.
        • The Magic of Michael Sibbernsen
          Michael is not an "illusionist". You will not see him wielding big boxes, or impaling his assistant on swords. His magic is intrinsically intimate, involving the audience with much of the performance.
        • Eddie's Trick Shop
          Eddie's Trick Shop for the BEST in magic tricks, jokes, gags, novelties, juggling supplies, makeup, clown supplies, halloween, make-up supplies, and costumes. Check out their Star Wars costumes!
        • The Halls of Magic
          Comedy Entertainment for corporate events, resorts, and festivals! Some neat magic here, folks!
        • The Illusive Lounge
          Come and Relax at the Illusive Lounge.Here you will find internet treasures to help ease your lifestyle.
        • Visions - An Online Journal
          Original close-up effects, reviews, theatrical assistance, and online contests with prizes.
        • Magic Etcetera
          A great page with good links.
        • Michaels Magic Card Box
          A site for magicians of all ages that includes tricks, links, dealers, interactive magic, tips and more.
        • The Magic of Aaron Jones
          Here's a nice site with a young performer. Magic Entertainment for Your Next event! Come see what magician Aaron Jones can do for you!
        • Ring 58 - Winter Carnival of Magic
          Here is a great website and if you get a chance to attend their Winter Carnival of Magic, you'll be assured of a star-studded weekend of magic!
        • Visions, The Online Journal
          The Online Journal of the Art of Magic. Includes forums, articles, and more on magic!
        • Tom Piccard's Magic Site
          Here's a guy that has been performing around the world. Check out his site with pictures of other famous people.
        • K-B Toys
          Toys for kids of all ages, especially the grownups. These folks have quite a selection!
        • The Magic Zone
          This site is for all magicians amateur or professional and includes: links, interactive magic, tips and a password protected magicians section with tricks, chat, magic trick videos and more.
        • The Magic of Steve Brooks
          Come check out this site, it's very nicely done. Even some of the pros signed his guestbook. He offers a free classified section as well.
        • MagicWeek - Magic in the UK
          Magic news in the UK. News, reviews, directory of UK magicians and societies. A really nice site with loads to look at!
        • eCardTricks - Online Card Magic!
          A source for online card tricks that will amaze you. Check out the section as well for optical illusions and other mind teasing oddities!
        • IB Magic Entertainment Productions
          Come visit one of the largest, most visited web sites for Professional Magicians and other interested in the art of Magic & Illusion, in the world! Very interactive site with lots to see and do! I lov
          Magicians! - Now here's a rather new site with some really nice material! We really like their products. You have GOT to see their new Duh Cane! Also check out their electronic tricks, they're quite c
          Best Magic Links from our friends across the big pond! Check it out!
        • Download Magic
          Now these guys are really cool and offer some real good magic. Try out some of their free downloads. I like the Self Folding Bill...
          The UK's leading online magic tricks store. This magic shop is crammed with thousands of magic tricks and effects that are suitable for beginners and experts, young and old.