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Mystic Flashing Pyramid

Price: $45.95 Special!

This is cool! Here is a picture of High-Tech Magic's Mystic Pyramid. There are 75 LEDs on the three faces of this pyramid. Inside are the electronics that make the LEDs flash in a sequential manner. When you turn it on, the bottom row of lights flash, then the next row, then the next, and so on up to the top. One can vary the speed for a totally cool effect. Use a little fog and this will act as a beacon for your ET friends! Tell your friends that you were abducted by aliens and they gave you this beacon and it would start flashing when they were ready to come back to get you! Operates from one 9V battery (not included) and uses a reliable one IC circuit. The pyramid is hollow inside and can be set on top of the 9V battery to conceal it. Specify color choice: Red, Yellow, Green.