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If it's weird, if it's wonderful, if it's just plain neat, High-Tech Magic may have it!!!

Tesla Coil in Action with 4 foot streamers

And if we don't have it, ask! We do custom work!

We have built Futuristic Neon Light stands for a High-Tech Thin Saw illusion.

We do other customized work as well.

We can consult with you to provide that Special Effect that is Out of This World!

Please E-Mail us for a quote on a customized, hand-made item, crafted to your specifications.
For something really cool, check out this Singing Flame! This is from a solid state Tesla Coil (SSTC) that we've been consulting with the High Voltage Guys!

This is a 15 second mpeg movie (1 MB). Please be patient as it loads.
Singing Arc movie file
Singing Arc - 1 MB movie file

Check out this special musical instrument. The band Wintergatan designed the original instrument called a "Modulin" (MODUlar synthesizer/vioLIN). This improved model we call the "Modulin II". Click here for a larger view
Top view of Modulin II

Here is another view of the improved instrument. Whereas the original Modulin was built using wood pieces and plumbing strap, it was not rugged or reliable enough for concerts. This model is built using structural members and will withstand concert tours and rough handling.

So whether you have a magic prop or musical synthesizer, High-Tech Magic can engineer a quality product that will last and exceed your expectations!

Contact us today with your specifications!
Click here for a larger view
End view of Modulin II

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Horizontal strobe line

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