High-Tech Magic Does Custom Work!

If it's weird, if it's wonderful, if it's just plain neat, High-Tech Magic may have it!!!

Tesla Coil in Action with 4 foot streamers

And if we don't have it, ask! We do custom work!

We have built Futuristic Neon Light stands for a High-Tech Thin Saw illusion.

We do other customized work as well.

We can consult with you to provide that Special Effect that is Out of This World!

Please E-Mail us for a quote on a customized, hand-made item, crafted to your specifications.
For something really cool, check out this Singing Flame! This is from a solid state Tesla Coil (SSTC) that we've been consulting with the High Voltage Guys!

This is a 15 second mpeg movie (1 MB). Please be patient as it loads.
Singing Arc movie file
Singing Arc - 1 MB movie file

E-mail special requests to:


Horizontal strobe line

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