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Customer Testimonials

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"I recently bought the 15" sabre kit and assembled it. I love it!! I've even used it to flag down a driver at night:
I was at work and had borrowed the shop's soldering iron [mine is junk]. I finished the kit.
A little while later our janitor came in: she had locked her keys inside her car. I called 'Pop-A-Lock' and gave them our address.
But because our shop is in a generic pre-fab group of warehouses, it is hard to find. Especially at night in the rain. We waited outside, and saw the driver turn into the business across the street. The dispatcher told us he didn't have a cell phone we could call!! [Imagine that?!!] So I whipped out my trusty [but, as yet untested] light sabre.

I had just barely left the lower ranks of Padawan Learner: my skills were not completely tuned, and yet....
The force was strong that night.For not only did I grab the the driver's attention,
I also slowed traffic!!
Cars were slowing down and apparently gawking!

And in the end justice was served, a damsel out of distress, and my journey to the future was bright...

Despite Master Yoda admonishing us that "size matters not",I would like to buy a longer blade. So would the plasma blade be compatible? Anywaysssss... Thank you for a great project/product!!

May the fo.... you know the rest!


[Thanks, BT! MagicBill]

" At this point, I'm almost assured at least two more sales of your fabulous light sabres. I'm even thinking about getting another 15", and possibly a 24", to complete my collection of purple light-swords..."



"Even though the replacement was blue, and not green, as was the original order, nonetheless it is VERY cool and the power supply and tube work perfectly. Plus, I have assembled the (Darth) Maul sabre and it is truly magnificent!

Thanks and we'll be in touch!"


"Magic Bill, that tip you gave me about lighting for my production box worked beautifully! And the price was right for the lamp as well."

Michael Messing
Professional Magician

Michael has been a full time performer since 1986. He specializes in stage magic and illusions for corporate events, retail promotions, and private parties. He also does numerous parties for children. A member of IBM Ring 58 since 1976, he is a Past President.
"Those Light Sabres are neat! It works great! I love the color."

Robert Bratcher
One Satisfied Customer
I really like the light saber. It is a fun thing to have. The light saber is great. It's even better than what I was expecting. Thank you for your help and keep up the good work!

I just wish more businesses were ran like you run them. I enjoy the personal experience that you've given to me. Thank you and have a great day!

Brandon Paz,
Lubbock, Texas

[Thanks, Brandon and have a magical day! MagicBill]

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