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Reviews of the Best Water Fuel Guides

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Fortune 500 Petroleum Companies Are Praying You Will Never Find This Out.
Due to the rising costs of fuel products, High-Tech Magic can help you save money - Run your car on water.

What? Run your car on water? Yes, converting you car to run on water has proven to save money, increase MPG, clean up emissions, and help the environment.

Up until now this technology has not been well known. However, it has been around for quite some time and with the rise in gas prices many people are searching for alternative ways to save on gas.

We are always trying to find better ways to help the consumer save money, buy better products, and give them the needed knowledge to make an educated decision. So we decided to review several companies that claim they can save you money by converting you car to run on water.

Our criteria was the simplicity of the installation, the cost of the materials, how quickly one could install the product, and type of guarantee.

Thinking of Buying Water For Gas? Want to know if it really works or is just another way to scam you out of your hard earned money? We have the done the hard work for you and will tell you the absolute truth about Water For Gas & No, It's Not What You Are Thinking.

In the last few months numerous conversion guides, which claim to show how to do the conversion yourself using cheap materials with little or no technical knowledge required have emerged.

In these days of oil prices going through the roof, we decided to put their claims to the test and reviewed the guides, the key criteria on which they are rated were safety, fuel savings, and cost.

Although we were very skeptical about the claims of such guides as they looked too good to be true, we were pleasantly surprised by the results - the technology evidently does work.

Sounds Too Good to Be True?

The guides mentioned below offer what they claim to. Those are not scams. Below we list the common misconceptions about this technology and reason why it is not true:

1. A Car cannot run solely on Water - True, As of now scientists are still working on this. Although names of some guides like 'Run Car On Water' could be misleading, none of the guides describe any method to convert the car to use only water. All of them describe methods to increase fuel efficiency using water. Some of the guides like Water4Gas also mention of other methods not involving water.

2. Electrolysis of Water Violates the Laws of Thermodynamics - We are engineers so we will debate on thermodynamics laws. Rest assured, no laws are being violated. Energy is put into the system and chemical reactions are occurring as designed. Guides such as Water4Gas mention about five different methods which can be used collectively. Not all methods rely on electrolysis. If you have a look at the equipment required for Water4Gas, there are other instruments like a fuel heater. A Fuel Heater can result in better fuel efficiency and has nothing to do with electrolysis. The idea here is not to use Hydrogen as a fuel, the idea is to use Hydrogen to improve overall combustion quality for maximum fuel efficiency, and for this, very little hydrogen is required. More details about this can be found at HowStuffWorks (HowStuffWorks is a service of Discovery Inc., and we can safely assume that a company such as them would not post about a technology which does not work).

3. A Car's Fuel Efficiency cannot be increased using Water - Most of us have traveled by air and we know that large jet aircrafts fly at or above an altitude of 35,000 feet. Why is that? This is done to save fuel. A jet engine takes air, compresses it, mixes with fuel, ignites it which results in expansion of the mixture and thereby high force being created which is let off from the rear side of the engine. As per the Newton's third law of motion, Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, this makes the aircraft go forward. When flying at high altitude, the air is thinner and due to this more air is required thereby saving fuel. If a jet aircraft flies at low altitudes, less air will be required and more fuel will be burnt. This technology works on a similar technology. It generates hydrogen and makes the mixture more 'lean' thereby saving fuel and increasing fuel efficiency...

To Summarize, here is what this technology does for you:

  • Reduce Fuel Bills
  • Increase Power
  • Increase Fuel Eficiency
  • Increase Life of the Engine
  • Decrease Engine Noise
  • Decrease Amount of Pollution
  • Save the Environment
You have two choices:
Invest in this System & Keep Saving Money for Years to Come.


Keep Praying that Oil Prices Fall and Make the Oil Companies Richer.

Our Choice: There is a tie for position #1. Read the reviews below to find out why.

Our Verdict: This technology is NOT a scam and it DOES work. The benefits far outweigh the cost and time required for setup.

There are over a dozen kits out there.

We reviewed several water fuel kits - only 3 met our criteria:

  • Sizeable Fuel Savings - at least 40% more fuel efficiency
  • Fast and Easy Setup - in only a few hours, even for novices
  • Affordable Set-Up Cost (under $100)


Ease of Use
Fuel Savings
Customer Support
Environmental Benefits

"Still the best Water Fuel Kit in 2008..."

By far the easiest-to-follow guide we came across - our own experience says you should set aside maybe half a day to buy the parts and get fully installed.

This is the only guide that assumes absolutely no knowledge of cars. Impressively, our support ticket was responded to in under an hour (although it could take a little longer at weekends), and there is an unconditional 8 week guarantee.

Best of all, the technology required is readily available and cheap - we were able to access all the parts needed for well under $50. Given that its proven to increase fuel efficiency by as much as 40%, you could well recoup your investment in under a week.

Installation works with any gas or diesel powered car, van, truck or SUV. Aimed squarely at car "novices", and still our top pick for 2008.

July 2008 Update: there is now a promotion running on the site, and it is temporarily available for $49 instead of $297 - as such, we recommend ordering sooner rather than later.

The Verdict: Fast and easy setup; works for complete car novices; proven fuel savings of up to 40% - our top pick.


Ease of Use
Fuel Savings
Customer Support
Environmental Benefits

Also Recommended

#2 Water 4 Gas

Our second pick uses the same technology as our top pick - and again, we were impressed by the fast support, money-back guarantee and low setup costs.

The guide includes two bonuses (how to get the IRS to pay for your upgrade and how to make $300 an hour installing the systems for others, arguably worth the cost of the guide on their own.

All in all, its a great package which means you can be enjoying massive fuel savings for very little, very quickly. So why only four stars?

Well, perhaps we were spoiled by our top pick, but we found the directions a little harder to follow - and since ease of use is so important, we decided to knock off a star.



Ease of Use
Fuel Savings
Customer Support
Environmental Benefits

Not Recommended!

#3 Run Your Car On Water

Run Your Car On Water is one fuel cell guide you want to stay away from. Even though it is the most popular guide the quality of it is horrible.

There are little to no pictures and the content of the book is impossible to understand. If you buy this product make sure you have a Mechanical Engineer to install it.

Even though the sexy girl on their website tells you to buy it, DON'T BUY IT!

We actually attempted to install this fuel cell but gave up half way as it just got way too confusing.

And if you don't wish to build your own, buy our Hydrolyzer.

Buy one today for only $149.95. If it works out for you (and we're sure that you'll be pleased!), buy one for every member of the family!

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